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February 01, 2013

Mobile is not a trend, it’s a reality and a sales driver

ThePowerofMobileIn a recent article from Verónica Maria Jarski on MarketingProfs, she summarized a study from Yesmail regarding Mobile shoppers and their habits. It’s an American study, but seen the evolution of mobile and the speed of adoption of smartphones, this is what’s coming to our daily landscape… and probably quicker than you’ll think.

Some key facts coming out of the study of Yesmail:

  • 42% of smartphone owners use their laptop to complete the purchase

Complete purchase mobile

  • 47% use their smartphone to compare prices online while shopping in a store.
  • 60% left the store because they found in real-time a cheaper price online
  • 41% still made a purchase because they were triggered through an e-mail
  • 21% of all e-commerce traffic was generated through a mobile device

Some interesting facts. People do actively use their smartphone for in-store behaviour. And even more important is your own website, as 58% visited the shops e-commerce website in the store to compare prices. This opens a good discussion in Belgium, where we lag behind with e-commerce websites. Image a shoe shop without an online store… it could be that 60% of your shoppers in the future will leave because they found a cheaper price on Zalando.

Instore behaviopur

Time to start working on that online presence (again ;-) ) , as it could become your worst nightmare. In this study you can clearly imagine that if you don’t have a good web presence and preferable a mobile friendly website with all your products online, that you just have become your biggest competitor. As only 36% of your (future) store visitors is looking in real-time what your neighbour is selling, but 3 out of 5 is looking at what you are doing online.

The full infographic from the report:



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