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March 30, 2010

Behaviour targeting doubles your conversion!

image from www.emarketer.com Finally some official results from behaviour targeting. You could get statistics from individual players like a Tacoda, Netmining, Wunderloop etc. But not in the scale we have now. First results show that your conversion is doubling in effectiveness due to behaviour ad targeting. Sounds logic for some people...

Following a report from eMarketer.com, the average conversion rate of behaviour ads is almost 7%, more than twice as much as normal banner campaigns, which end up at 2,8%. What strikes me is that behaviour ads are increasing their numbers while normal banner campaigns are or status quo, or decreasing in effectiveness.


It looks like people are getting used to be treated personal and this could result in better figures for behaviour ad targeting, while sites running normal campaigns should really start questioning why they still spam people with impersonal banner campaigns. So congratulations for those who use behaviour targeting!

Remarkable is that the average conversion rate is close to the one of email marketing. So probably there is a new battle coming up between behaviour and email marketing, as the production cost of a banner is way lower compared to the creation of a good email.

The average price is of course also higher:


Of course, if you would tell me that I can double my conversion without additional investments, than the additional cost is easily be justified.

The article speaks also about privacy discussion and yes those discussion will become more and more important but it's time for policy makers to reach out to the industry of direct marketing and behaviour targeting to make a policy together. If we take the case of Belgium, the privacy law is outdated and was not made in collaboration with the people that do care about getting it personal.

The full article can be read here


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