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February 09, 2010

iStrategy Berlin: Michael Donnelly from Coca-Cola about "Online Marketing Today, Tomorrow and in 2020"

Coke The new decade brings a host of opportunities for the marketing executive. Social Media Marketing, Consumer Generated Media, Virtual Worlds and Search Engine Marketing open new doors for spreading your business message. Engaging consumers requires increased understanding and adoption of innovative tactics and emerging media in order to amplify brand efforts. Never before has the marketing executive been so vital to the success of the corporate strategy.

Key take-aways from "Cokes Fans First approach":

  • past/present:
    •  a lot of social media  experts, but too early to be an expert!
    • heavy reliance on TV and offline, so social media is freaky!
  • people talk:
    • 5000 mentions a day
    • main word tag cloud: LOVE
    • only -1% negative mentions
    • people create crazy videos without coke asking it
    • where had you had a coke lately: even pictures at 3200m high on top of a mountain.
    • twice as engaged as Pepsi!
    • campaigns are based on sustainable relationships, so not 6 shots/year
    • facebook community: 5 million subscribers
    • be where the consumers are
    • it's not anymore about blasting  at your consumers or pumping out marketing messages
    • number 1 most engaged facebook page (before Starbucks, Disney, Victoria's Secret and iTunes)
    • you have to earn your fans, not buy them with a free bagel
    • 1 central page, but localised content
  • compelling content:
    • Expedition 206: 3 consumers looking for happiness in 206 countries in 365 days
    • Vitamin Water: come up with a flavour on Facebook: Flavor Creator
      •  40.000 unique labels created
      • end product was what consumers created
    • Vancouver Olympics: create a coke page: local content = new tab on the facebook page
      •  live content/images from Flickr, twitter, etc
  • attention: social media sites do change their structure, so be able to cope with it.
  • create an internal strategy for the company (page: social media principles)
  • the bigger you get, the more garbage, so get a moderation company in (the one from Coke) and be tansparent and honest.
  • the people running the campaign are creating the content, not a PR firm
  • social media is a tactic, get it right! Part of a total plan
  • don't start from 0, start from your basis...
  • future: radian6 approach




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Thanks for sharing. Helps add context to the Coke Slideshare presentation.

I liked the issue, I shared with my family and friends has helped me a lot, thank you very much!


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