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April 09, 2013

The phoenix is back… Microsoft

A personal view on the new tools from Microsoft.

Last month, Microsoft invited me at “the intimates”, a select group of people wanting to test out their new products. As a skeptic in the 90’s and early last decade, I was wondering if I could bring some positive news about the table and not just some more bashing. Well, Microsoft changed and how…

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February 01, 2013

Mobile is not a trend, it’s a reality and a sales driver

ThePowerofMobileIn a recent article from Verónica Maria Jarski on MarketingProfs, she summarized a study from Yesmail regarding Mobile shoppers and their habits. It’s an American study, but seen the evolution of mobile and the speed of adoption of smartphones, this is what’s coming to our daily landscape… and probably quicker than you’ll think.

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Your e-mail resolution for 2013

4957559159_0a5b915da1A new year, a new fresh start after a festive holiday period and time to have some good resolutions for the year. Why not having the following list  as your resolution list:

  • Being more open about what data I collect from consumers
  • Connecting all my data sources, so that consumers only have to register or fill in the blanks once
  • Delivering a state of the art digital experience based on what my client, the consumer wants
  • Using the analytical data that you collected after your e-mail campaigns

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January 02, 2013

Trends for 2013... less is more

NewyearA new year just started, so time to start to think ahead... what will the future bring? Of course there is a difference between trends that we will see popping up the next 5 years or later and the ones we see next year. In 5 years we will indeed see evolutions like mobile payments, bendable screens and 3D printing becoming an everyday phenomenal, but that’s future thinking, 2013 will bring…

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August 05, 2012

Earning money with social media

DollarRecently a lot of discussions are around the question if social media and especially Facebook can be a source of revenue. Can you earn money with having a twitter account or a facebook page? And if it's possible, how can you as an individual or brand drive money to your bottom line.

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May 08, 2012

ROI of social media - STIMA social media bootcamp

April 30, 2012

Interactive marketing & connecting the dots


April 29, 2012

The new customer paradox...

Do you still think that your customers are the same as 30 years ago? Well, time to start thinking differently, time to connect the dots... are you connecting them?


August 04, 2011

The mobile shopper by Ogilvy (#mobile #retail)


August 01, 2011

Future of Retail (report) - qr codes, digital instore experience and much more

This presentation talks about the furture of Retail, what initiatives exist and can be implemented by any retail store, small and big. Get some fresh ideas: