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August 05, 2012

Earning money with social media

DollarRecently a lot of discussions are around the question if social media and especially Facebook can be a source of revenue. Can you earn money with having a twitter account or a facebook page? And if it's possible, how can you as an individual or brand drive money to your bottom line.

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February 10, 2010

iStrategy Berlin: Rikke Wivel from Monster Worldwide about "Driving organizational value through online media marketing"

MONS_298x76 With online media the measuring of marketing campaigns is possible to a degree we marketers have not been able to do in traditional media. This creates opportunities but also challenges. Opportunities: because the marketing and media activities can be economically justified, but also challenges: because some media opportunities do not create direct metric value. Finding your organisations value drivers and mediamix becomes increasingly difficult as the media landscape diversifies.

Key take-aways:

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February 09, 2010

iStrategy Berlin: Dell case by Kerry Bridge : ROI social media



Dell case presented at iStrategy.
Interview with Kerry Bridge, Global Digital Media Communications Manager, Dell Public Sector held in front of a live audience. This interview will be broadcast LIVE on www.MeettheBoss.com

key take-aways:

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iStrategy Berlin: Michael Donnelly from Coca-Cola about "Online Marketing Today, Tomorrow and in 2020"

Coke The new decade brings a host of opportunities for the marketing executive. Social Media Marketing, Consumer Generated Media, Virtual Worlds and Search Engine Marketing open new doors for spreading your business message. Engaging consumers requires increased understanding and adoption of innovative tactics and emerging media in order to amplify brand efforts. Never before has the marketing executive been so vital to the success of the corporate strategy.

Key take-aways from "Cokes Fans First approach":

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December 24, 2009

How Twitter is going mainstream by using Google

Google_twitter_cutout A few weeks ago, Twitter and Google announced their partnership to work together. Google will show the results of tweets also in results. Well, Google is apparently going further than thought, the US version of Google shows already the results of this partnership. What is amazing and very positive in fact, is that the results of the tweet search is being put, in the organic searches and prioritised behind news items.

What does this mean for businesses?

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May 02, 2009

The interactive dialogue starts AFTER that post, tweed, etc.

For those out there thinking that they are interactive because they are creating blog posts, sitting on twitter and spreading the news on twitter... you are not creating a dialogue!

Could sound strange this statement, but we see the latest few months an explosion of tweeds and posts of new companies spreading the "good vibe". But what most of them forget is that being interactive and starting an interactive dialogue is more than just being able to "spread the news". That's old school politics, nothing new and traditional marketers have been doing it for now more than 60 years.

The start of a dialogue starts after that blog post, tweed, email or SMS/MMS message. Because, you can be very trendy and spreading the news via Twitter or Facebook, but if somebody replies throughhis tweeds and you do not react, than you are just wasting the new consumers their time and space. If you are spreading your advertising through the new channels... than also monitor the feedback and those new channels are very powerful as we noticed lately...

 Two companies merged together in Belgium and were standing on TCD in Utrecht, well... the branding on the booth was to speak about the merger. In the twitterphere somebody argued that this was old news... well, we'll change our branding because of that because it was true... it's already old news, time to move on and prove why the merger is so successful.

So start using those services that keep an eye on the dialogue out there and change your strategy accordingly!