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April 09, 2013

The phoenix is back… Microsoft

A personal view on the new tools from Microsoft.

Last month, Microsoft invited me at “the intimates”, a select group of people wanting to test out their new products. As a skeptic in the 90’s and early last decade, I was wondering if I could bring some positive news about the table and not just some more bashing. Well, Microsoft changed and how…

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February 01, 2013

Mobile is not a trend, it’s a reality and a sales driver

ThePowerofMobileIn a recent article from Verónica Maria Jarski on MarketingProfs, she summarized a study from Yesmail regarding Mobile shoppers and their habits. It’s an American study, but seen the evolution of mobile and the speed of adoption of smartphones, this is what’s coming to our daily landscape… and probably quicker than you’ll think.

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January 02, 2013

Trends for 2013... less is more

NewyearA new year just started, so time to start to think ahead... what will the future bring? Of course there is a difference between trends that we will see popping up the next 5 years or later and the ones we see next year. In 5 years we will indeed see evolutions like mobile payments, bendable screens and 3D printing becoming an everyday phenomenal, but that’s future thinking, 2013 will bring…

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August 01, 2011

Future of Retail (report) - qr codes, digital instore experience and much more

This presentation talks about the furture of Retail, what initiatives exist and can be implemented by any retail store, small and big. Get some fresh ideas:

January 02, 2011

2011 trends for digital marketing, social media, mobile marketing and the internet

Small companies & social media

Small companies will start finding the way to social media. Social networks allow small companies to connect on a very cost effective way to their target audience. As their organisations are most of the time build upon trust, the match with websites like Facebook or Linkedin is far more tighter than large companies.

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November 23, 2010

Value of your facebook & twitter fans [infographic] (#socialmedia, #sm, #trends,#facebook)

Syncapse The most heard question you hear about social media talks about "why would we need to invest in it". Well, for those that aren't yet convinced, here is a study of Syncapse about the value of a facebook fan compared to non-fans. get convinced now...

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November 12, 2010

Shopping Reinvented: Next Generation Apparel Retailing (#ecommerce #retail #etail)

Shopping Great presentation about the new shopper with some updates on brands reaching out to the consumers. It's all about engagement and the instore/online experience.Time to connect to your consumer!


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September 26, 2010

Mobile use: who is using apps and which type of apps? (#mobile #appsma )

Nielsen 59% of all smartphone users are downloading applications. On top, the mobile phone has become a commodity, everybody owns one and a large part of you, even more than 1. Time to give an overview of who is using applications, do you need to focus on iPhone & iPad only? The answer is clearly no, the market outside Apple is alive and kicking (and if you serve ads, you'd better NOT focus on iPhone users), time to give you some numbers...

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September 25, 2010

Free e-report: NetProspex Social business report (#socialmedia #free #report)

Social_business_report A Twitter user name is becoming just as important as a phone number to reach and engage with customers and prospects. NetProspex released in September 2010 their Social Business report. Including: social industry index (which industry is scoring high on the social ranking), social index of jobs titles (which type of job is most social), company index and also for the US, which cities are the most social. Download the report by reading on...

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August 06, 2010

How can you use your audience in your marketing plan? #crowdsourcing

Branchannel Ever wonder how you can use your target audience in your marketing campaigns? This is called crowd sourcing. The article on Brandchannel.com gives some very good key take aways:


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