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February 01, 2013

Your e-mail resolution for 2013

4957559159_0a5b915da1A new year, a new fresh start after a festive holiday period and time to have some good resolutions for the year. Why not having the following list  as your resolution list:

  • Being more open about what data I collect from consumers
  • Connecting all my data sources, so that consumers only have to register or fill in the blanks once
  • Delivering a state of the art digital experience based on what my client, the consumer wants
  • Using the analytical data that you collected after your e-mail campaigns

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August 05, 2012

Earning money with social media

DollarRecently a lot of discussions are around the question if social media and especially Facebook can be a source of revenue. Can you earn money with having a twitter account or a facebook page? And if it's possible, how can you as an individual or brand drive money to your bottom line.

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January 02, 2011

2011 trends for digital marketing, social media, mobile marketing and the internet

Small companies & social media

Small companies will start finding the way to social media. Social networks allow small companies to connect on a very cost effective way to their target audience. As their organisations are most of the time build upon trust, the match with websites like Facebook or Linkedin is far more tighter than large companies.

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May 20, 2010

Digital commerce 3.0: the challenges of selling products in a digitized world anno 2010

Losing-moneySelling products and services in a digital world is at a cross-road, most e-tailor teams have been created in the period 2000-2005 and it looks like they got stuck in their own vortex. Signs like we received last week that 91% of all american e-commerce managers is going to invest in 2010 in social commerce (source: eMarketer.com). But are they not forgetting something? Are they doing such a good job? Let's look at it more in detail...

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March 30, 2010

Behaviour targeting doubles your conversion!

image from www.emarketer.com Finally some official results from behaviour targeting. You could get statistics from individual players like a Tacoda, Netmining, Wunderloop etc. But not in the scale we have now. First results show that your conversion is doubling in effectiveness due to behaviour ad targeting. Sounds logic for some people...

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March 04, 2010

E-mail marketing tools: the cheaper, the better?

Software_shortlist A new independent report from Software Shortlist, performed on 19 leading (US focused) tools suggest we should go for the cheapest tools, as the more expensive ones don't immediately get higher scores. Of course, this only speaks about tools being able to send out emails, so if you want to just do e-mail marketing and nothing more, this could be an interesting report.

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February 09, 2010

Are your e-mail messages getting to the inbox?

A recent study that I found on MarketingVox talked about the fact that people believe that the delivery rate is equal to getting your message into the inbox of your recipients. Think again, as it isn't. On average , only 85% in Europe and 81% in the US is potentially going into the inbox. When we take B2B, than the figures are even worse and drop to a staggering 75% (according to a report from ReturnPath). Let's explore this further...

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January 24, 2010

90% and more of all digital messages are waste of time and money!

David_crystal_semantics Recently I spoke at IMME Utrecht and had the chance to participate in the presentation of David Crystal, Director of Research at Crystal Semantics. He spoke about how to use semantics in advertising. Or how David expressed it... 94% of all advertising is waste of money! But his speech, which was purely focused on in-context advertising, got me thinking about the possible use of semantics, here are some ideas...

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January 23, 2010

Day 3: Dela Quist and how to rape your e-mail marketing strategy

Logosherpa1 The last day of this Miami summit was all about social and permission marketing.
It hits me that the US (opt-out) market is “finally” is using the advantage of working in a 100% opt-in concept. That was exactly the link between social media and deliverability and the topics of today.

Social media are used to get the right contacts, expand the network, build relationships and get people subscribing for your opt-in list.

Or like Dela Quist so nicely said - When you buy an email list your thought is "rape & pillage" not "nurture".  During his fascination presentation Dela was talking about how to set up permission marketing in a multi-channel world.

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Day 2/2: be a top chef: triggered and lifecycle campaigns

Logosherpa1 Impossible to do all the sessions in one day; since it was a duel track of B2B and B2C cases.
I mixed according to my personal interest. A small overview and key findings on some of the slots:

Must-Have triggered email marketing campaigns for every business

A very complete overview of every possible triggered email campaign you can set up.

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